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Will I Need Surgery For Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)?

If the tests for Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) show that you have blockage in the larger arteries to your feet or legs, surgeons may try to correct it. One surgery cleans out the artery that is blocked. Another method, called angioplasty, involves passing a deflated balloon on a tube to the point where the blockage […]

Are There Any Treatments For Peripheral Vascular Disease – PVD?

Preventing peripheral vascular disease (PVD)  is much easier than treating it.  That is, why your Doctor will stress that you quit smoking, keep your blood pressure and blood glucose (for the diabetics) on target, control your cholesterol and triglycerided, lose weight, and stay active.  Your doctor can prescribe some medications to treat PVD.  Taking an […]

How Often Should My Podiatrist Check My Foot Circulation?

Your podiatrist should check your foot and ankle pulses at every visit.  If the pulses are decreased or absent, further testing may be needed. People with diabetes who are over the age of 50 should have a baseline doppler exam to compare the blood pressure in their feet and arms.  If the test is normal […]

What Kind Of Tests Do I Need for PVD?

Today we are going back to our blogs on peripheral vascular disease (PVD).  So here we go….., your health provider will ask questions about your symptoms.  He or she will examine your feet and legs and feel for pulses, located in the groin, behind the knee, at the ankle, and on the top of the […]

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