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Hi, I'm Narelle Montgomery from Sutherland Podiatry Centre. My team and I would like to help you understand the confusing information about orthotics. For many people making an informed decision can be quite difficult. Recognising a sales pitch and separating it from facts is the key to better foot health.

Orthotics are not just arch supports, although some people use this term to describe them.  In fact they are dynamic devices that make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient by slightly altering the angles at which the foot strikes a surface, and progresses through the gait cycle.

Orthotics are prescribed to address a specific problem, such as too much pronation or too little pronation. Therefore you need a complete biomechanical assessment of the foot and lower leg by a Podiatrist to obtain a detailed clinical picture of your specific problem.  Only then should you prescribe an orthotic.

Our team are experts in assessing your system and making the correct prescription for you.  Click the button and send us an enquiry now, or if it’s during business hours, call.

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