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Winter And Your Feet

With the influx of cold weather, your feet tend to take a back seat to your other ailments that are aggravated by the cold.  But please don’t forget about them!! With winter, your feet will be a neglected part of your body and you shouldn’t ignore them!

So what type of problems do feet get in winter?? Dry, cracked skin is one of those conditions that you should address.  Daily, yes I said  DAILY, moisturising is essential for good foot health.  With the low humidity of winter and heaters and air conditioning used frequently, your skin drys out very fast.  Using a moisturiser daily will stop your skin from drying out and splitting.  If you have ever experienced cracked, split skin, you know how painful it can be.  Not to mention you have now an open area for bacteria to enter your body, this can cause cellulitis, and is difficult to cure.

People with diabetes are prone for these infections, and the only way you can cure it, is with a stay in hospital with an antibiotic drip.  No fun for any one!!

The lesson here is MOISTURISE YOUR FEET DAILY!! I know it is difficult to slap on cream when it is cold, but your feet and health will be better for it.rubbing cream

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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