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Which Shoe For Which Foot?

curved shoesFollowing on from my blogs about lacing techniques, choosing the correct last for your foot can be very beneficial. Significantly, the following information is only relevant to joggers. Generally the average shoe is made on a semi-curved last, except in the instance of custom footwear. The last is the shape of the sole of the shoe.

Generally speaking, there are three different foot types: “high” arch, “low” arch and a “normal” arch. To suit each of these foot types, there is a last to match. Ideally by matching the correct foot type with the correct shoe, an increase in comfort and support should be achieved. A correct last will not however, have the same effect as a prescription orthotic, but be more accommodative than corrective.

Straight Lasted Shoes

The easiest way to tell if a shoe is a straight-lasted shoe is to turn the shoe over to look at the outsole. If you are able to trace a straight line from the middle of the toebox to the middle of the heel, this is a straight lasted shoe. Often the area surrounding the arch of the shoe may be re-enforced with EVA, or other cushioning material. This shoe is ideal for someone who pronates (rolls-in excessively) or has a low arched foot.

Semi-Curved Lasted Shoes

Using the same technique, turn the shoe over and look at the outsole. Imagine the shoe in halves, top half and bottom half. Again beginning at the middle of the toebox, trace a line to split the top half the shoe down the middle. A semi curve shoe will have a slight curve in the top half of the last. This last is suited to a “normal” arch.

Curved Lasted Shoes

Again, turn the shoe over to view the outsole. If a “C” shape is able to be traced through the centre of the sole, beginning from the middle of the toebox, to the centre of the heel, this is a curved last. This shoe suits a high arch or someone who supinates, or rolls out excessively.

If you are unsure of which sports shoe last is best for you, consult your podiatrist.

I hope you found this post helpful.


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