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What Should You Do About Your Feet and the Melbourne Cup?

melbourne cup1Melbourne Cup Day is a brilliant excuse to get ‘frocked up’ in our finest, pull out a brilliant fascinator, put on a gorgeous pair of ‘oh so high’ heels and enjoy a few glasses of bubbly.  While we may look the picture of elegance and sophistication on the way into the track, a few hours later on the way home, it can be a very different story. With bruised and blistered feet, the heels come off and you’re hobbling out of the racecourse, with each step stinging that little bit more than the last one. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!! Not only is it not a good look, but you are at risk of injuring your feet and potentially picking up a nasty infection. Follow these simple tips below and not only will you look fabulous, but your feet will still be happy at the end of the day!

What Type of Shoes Should I Buy For The Races?

Many shoe companies are now getting stylish and savvy, creating shoes that are not only fashionable, but comfortable to wear too. Here are a few shoe features to look for to help you choose wisely this Spring Racing Season.

A. Low Heel

A low heel with the addition of a platform can give you the appearance of a higher heel (and a little extra height), without overloading your feet. A reduced heel height helps to reduce the stress on your forefoot and will stop your foot from sliding forward and cramping up your toes.

B. Wedge

Wedges allow a greater surface area for weight distribution and spread out the pressure in your foot. This means more pressure is going through your heels and midfoot, significantly offloading your forefoot and toes. Wedges are also far less likely to sink into the grass and reduce your risk of ankle sprains.

C. Round toe shapes

Look for ‘round’ toe shapes rather than pointed or narrow. Let’s face it, our toes are not pointed and this is never going to aid in comfort.  Peep toes can also be another way of reducing the pressure on your toes.

D. Buckles or Straps

A strap, buckle, elastic or zip to hold the shoes onto your feet, means your foot muscles can relax and you won’t need to be clawing your toes to hold your shoes on your feet. This also means your feet will feel “lessmelbourne cup2 tired” at the end of the day as they have not been working as hard just to hold your shoes on.

Which Shoe Materials Work Best?

A soft leather or fabric shoe will be more forgiving on your skin and less likely to rub. Avoid shoes with seams running over bony bumps on your feet, as this is likely to cause irritation. Be careful with Patent leather options! When you have been standing for a long period (especially in warm weather) your feet will naturally swell. Patent leather WILL NOT stretch with your foot and is likely to start digging into your feet.

What To Do When You’re At The Races and Disaster Strikes?

For any areas that are red, rubbing or blistering, apply a blister dressing. They are not too obvious or ugly and will cushion any sore or blistered areas of skin. They should be available from most chemists and some larger supermarkets. They can be a real life saver when applied before a blister has a chance to get too big and puffy. If a blister gets so bad that the top is rubbed off it, there is only so much a dressing will do. So, keep checking your feet regularly throughout the day and cover any sore bits up as need be.

Shoe Padding and Gel Cushions

Companies like Scholl are now also getting smart with full length or ¾ length gel innersoles and arch supports to further aid in comfort. Check them out at your local chemist or supermarket. If you are struggling to find something to fit, your Podiatrist will also have fancier options or can make you something to suit. In the days leading up to the event have any corns or calluses attended to by a Podiatrist!

Thank you for reading, Kimberly


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