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What Is The Best Tool To Use To Trim My Toenails?

Try the nail clippers that look like a pair of wire cutters or pliers. They are available in chemists and variety stores. It is not necessary to have a sterile tool (and not practical), but your toenail clippers should be kept clean, dry and sharp. When you use a tool that is dull,you have to put more pressure on the clippers, and you can injure yourself if they slip.

Do NOT use pocketknives, kitchen knives, sewing scissors, old razorblades, or your teeth, or pick your toenails with your fingers. Once you have diabetes, it is too risky to try and cut your toenails with anything except a good pair of toenail clippers.

It is advisable not to share clippers with others. Fungal infections are contagious and may be passed from person to person.

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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