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What Is ‘Growing Pains’ ?


The term “Growing Pains” is a general term that describes many different conditions that affect the lower limb. They can affect anyone from the age of about 3 years old to adolescence.

Is your child complaining of pain in their legs knees or feet? Commonly children will describe an aching pain in their muscles. This will often be after having spent a lot of time walking around, after school or after playing lots of sports.


Despite what many believe, research suggests that growing pains are not actually caused by growing bones. Growing pains are most commonly caused by poor lower leg biomechanics which is the way the foot and leg function. This can sometimes cause tightness and overuse of muscles in the legs. The aching type pain that children suffer from, is generally the muscle becoming sore after it has been overworked/overstrained.

Can anything be done about it?

One of our friendly podiatrists will ask you and your child many questions about the pain and when it is occurring. They will conduct multiple tests as well as watch your child walk. It’s a good idea to bring in shoes that your child wears so we can assess any wear patterns on the footwear.

Once your Podiatrist has comprehensively assessed your child, they will then determine the most effective way to relieve your child’s pain. We often find the root cause of Growing Pain is the excessive rolling in (Pronation) of the foot. Some of treatments may include:

– Specific stretching or strengthening exercises for your child

– Footwear advice (we are the experts in recommending the perfect shoe for your child)

– Massage

– Strapping the foot and knee

– Orthotics or arch supports to support the foot and lower leg

– Giving advice on correct use of icing and heat.

Can it get better on its own?

This pain commonly will not resolve on its own. You may find that your child will want to withdraw from sporting activities and this will improve your pain. However when your child resumes activity the pain will often return. As health professionals we would never ask your child to reduce activity. We will get them better while they are still doing their regular sport as we understand how important activity is for you child’s health.


We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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