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What Is A Podiatric Biomechanical Assessment?


Most commonly, the scope of podiatric clinical practice may be categorised into two primary areas. These being “General Treatment”, which involves anything to do with the skin or nails of the human foot, and “Biomechanical  Assessment” which pertains to anything related to the movement, structure and mechanics of the lower limb. Treatment options for both of these areas are many and varied, some of which have been discussed in previous blogs by our team.

When a client requests an appointment, they may describe some of their basic concerns to our administration team, or discuss symptoms with their podiatrist. Symptoms such as lower limb pain, concerns for gait patterns, shoe wear or injury are scheduled for a biomechanical assessment.

What happens during a Biomechanical Assessment?

As with any consultation, a thorough case history is taken to identify any causal and/or risk factors.

During the consultation your podiatrist will assess the range of motion in all joints of the feet, and possibly the knees and hips, if clinically necessary. Muscle testing is also undertaken, looking at strength, symmetry and range of motion.

Postural assessment will also be carried out, to assess such anomalies in shoulder and hip obliquity and torsion, leg length difference and basic foot and ankle stance position, to name a few.

Gait assessment is an integral part of the assessment. Your podiatrist will study the way you walk to assess the efficiency of your gait pattern. Footwear history is also a consideration.

If deemed clinically necessary, your podiatrist may also refer you for imaging (for example X-ray or ultrasound).

If you are experiencing pain in your lower limbs, or have any concerns about your gait pattern or foot alignment, please contact our clinic for a Biomechanical Assessment.  Call us now on 9542 3491.

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