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What Foot Precautions Should Diabetics Do When Walking, Running or Jogging?

Have a thorough foot exam to discover any deformity, lack of feeling, or poor circulation. Wear socks with good cushioning that are made from a material such as cotton or wool. Good quality walking or running shoes may prevent injury. Always take the time to warm up. Cool down and stretch after the exercise activity and inspect your feet for redness, blisters,or hot spots. If you have pain during exercise, stop and try to figure out what is wrong. You may need orthotics to help your feet work normally during physical activity – especially if you are active and have knee pain or pain in the arch or heel area of your foot(plantar fasciitis).

If you have loss of feeling in your feet, limit repetitive weightbearing exercises such as jogging and using stair climbers because of the high pressure on your feet and possible injury that you wouldn’t be able to feel. Do not do weight-bearing exercises when you have a foot ulcer. When the ulcer has healed, make sure to ask your doctor what caused it and take special precautions when exercising to keep it from coming back.

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