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What Do Podiatrists Wear On Their Feet During Summer Holidays?


I get asked this question all the time when our summer holidays comes around.  And like most people in Australia, I don’t like to wear closed in shoes over the summer break because the heat is unbearable, and my feet burn.  So what do I wear?  You guessed it, THONGS!

But I can hear you saying ‘but Podiatrists don’t like thongs’, and yes would be correct here, but there are thongs, and there are THONGS!

What do I mean by this?

The reason Podiatrist are not keen on thongs, is they offer no protection to your feet, either on the top of your foot, and for many cheap and nasty thongs, hardly any padding underneath your feet.  With your feet exposed like that, they are vulnerable to trauma (like dropping something heavy on your feet), kicking your toes, etc.  They also increase your likelihood of tripping.  How many times have you tripped up a stair because the toe of your thong got caught?

Another reason we don’t like thongs is because they allow your skin to super dry out.  I can tell you now, that all I see in January is thick callused feet and cracked heels.  Not to mention the amount of bindiis and thorns I have dug out of people’s feet.

The last thing we hate about thongs is it tends to make people claw their toes.  Why does this happen? Because most thongs a too big for their owners, and the owner instinctively claws their toes to keep them on.

So what is the solution?

As I said before, there are thongs, and there are THONGS.  The thongs you must avoid are the thin soled el cheapo thongs, that have a flimsy strap.  Now I know there is a very expensive brand (that I will not name) that fits this bill, but people keep buying them because they are trendy.  But they are terrible. They do not support your feet at all.  And I see them every day, and I don’t know how people walk any distance in them.

The thongs that Podiatrists recommend have thicker, cushioned soles, that are not dead flat, but have slight heel on them. They need to have an arch support in them. And you need to have the top strap that is wide and goes down the side of your foot to hold you better into the thong.

After looking at many different types of thongs over the years, I have finally found a thong that fits all these criterias.  Now I have to warn you, they are not the ‘sexiest’ looking thong, but I would say they are the most comfortable thong in the world.  The Oofos thongs are a newly designed thong that helps people with heel pain, gives great support, and make you feel like you are walking on cushions.

If you would like to try these amazing thongs, don’t hesitate to come into the clinic, we have them on sale this month only, and they would make a great Christmas gift for the person who has everything!

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PS But hurry, we only have limited stocks, and the special runs out on the 23rd of December!

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