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What Can I Do To Prevent Another Foot Ulcer From Forming?

Having a history of a previous foot ulcer is the greatest risk factor for getting another ulcer. About 70% of people who have a healed ulcer get another ulcer within 5 years. Since an ulcer precedes most amputations, prevention is very important.

Primarily, you should closely follow the instructions of your podiatrist. He or she will want to see you frequently to monitor your foot health. If the cause of the original ulcer is known, it should be corrected if possible, even if it involves bone surgery. Pressure relief is very important, and you will probably need special insoles or shoes to protect your feet. They should be worn all the times.

If you have calluses, your podiatrist must trim them regularly. Calluses increase pressure and often precede an ulcer. Never trim them yourself or use callus removers.

Inspect your feet at least once a day. If necessary, use a mirror to see the bottom of your feet or have a family member help you. If you notice any changes, such as a break in the skin or increase redness or warmth, notify your doctor at once.

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