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What Are Shin Splints?

“Shin splints” is a generic term for a condition which can cause pain and inflammation to the anterior (front) section of your lower limb. The correct term for this condition is known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). It is a common occurrence in people who are highly active and can become an issue when excessive forces are being placed on your tibia and the muscles which surround it.

What Does It Feel Like?

There is pain at the beginning of physical activity and can reduce as the activity continues. The pain is diffuse, dull and aching and often increases when you finish exercising. People suffering from this condition may have either a low or high arched foot, however if the foot is found to be pronating excessively (rolling inwards) this can intensify the strain on the muscles.

What Causes Shin Splints?

Overuse – Most commoshin-splintsnly seen in runners who have attempted exercise beyond their current level of fitness.

Flat Feet – Another very common risk factor. The muscles responsible for maintaining arch height of your instep become over worked and cause pain

Incorrect Walking/Running Technique – Incorrect mechanics of the ankle causes additional strain on muscles in the leg, increasing chances of shin splints.

Footwear – Incorrect footwear, or not wearing sport specific footwear may also contribute to this condition. Some shoes may not be the correct style for your foot type and can cause excessive strain.

Tight Muscles – Tightness in the calf muscles in your lower leg will increase your risk of developing shin splints.

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