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What Are Chilblains?

chilblains1Chilblains are a dermatological condition that present as a response to cold stimulus, often on the extremities. Toes, being the furthest body part from our heart, are a common place for chilblains to occur. There is a higher incidence of chilblains in those individuals with diminished circulation and /or suffering hyperhidrosis.

Chilblains present as red, circular lesions in the initial stages. They may be itchy, swollen, painful, or even asymptomatic. They may progress to purplish lesions, and worse case scenarios, they may ulcerate.

What Is The Treatment?

Prevention is the best medicine. With winter upon us, avoiding extremes of hot and cold is the best way to avoid chilblains. Tips for this include warming up the shower tiles before you step onto them, not sitting directly in front of a heater, and always wearing something on your feet. If your feet do become very cold, gently and slowly warming them is the best way to avoid damage to the soft tissue and tiny blood vessels in your extremities. Unfortunately, time and a return to warmer weather is the best remedy for chilblains, but there are a number of topical solutions which may help, with varying degrees of success. It really depends on your medical history, and the severity of the lesion, as to which treatment your podiatrist will recommend, should a chilblain be diagnosed. Thanks for reading, Carissa



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