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Use It Or Lose It – Are You Going To Lose Your Health Fund Benefits For This Year

use-it-or-lose-itAre you in a Health Fund? Are you totally confused about what benefits you are entitled to, and when.  You are not alone.

Ask The Right Questions

If you have never seen a Podiatrist before, just ring your health fund and ask them directly if you are covered for podiatry care, and how much will you get back.

Now if you think you may need orthotics, ask them again, if you are covered for orthotics and how much.  They will be able to tell you the exact amount.

There are other coded that may be used during your treatment, which may increase your health fund rebates, however, every fund is different, but we are experienced in getting everything you are entitled too.

On average, most health funds have between $300-$600 of podiatry coverage per year.

Use It Or Lose It

The majority of health funds fun on an annual calendar, so your health fund coverage for podiatry cuts back in on 1st January each year.  This is great news, because no matter when you get your orthotics, you are covered again as soon as it hits the first of January.

Your health fund loves it when you don’t use your insurance benefits, because they get to keep the money, and you lose it forever.

If you have had orthotics made at Sutherland Podiatry Centre one year, you can obtain an additional pair the following year, usually at a cheaper price.  It’s really quite simple, however, we do impose time limits on obtaining the cheaper orthotics.  This is why we encourage all our orthotic patients to return for yearly orthotic reviews.

Orthotic Reviews

Regular review visits gives us the chance to review your old orthotics and to make sure they are wearing correctly, and if needed order an additional pair for other shoes…. at a cheaper rate.  Unless you only wear one pair of shoes, or you really enjoy moving them from one shoe to another every day, it makes sense to use your health fund coverage and get additional pairs of orthotics.  It’s the cheapest way to maintain good foot health.

If you have had orthotics in the past and you want to have more made, please contact us on 9542 3491 and make an appointment, but do it NOW as we have limited times available.


We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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