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Travelling and our Feet

travelling feet

Having a painful foot or toe can ruin your holiday, so don’t forget to consider your feet when packing for your trip.

The Journey

Consider how you are travelling to your destination. Airlines provide easy to follow armchair exercise instructions to perform while in transit. These are a good idea, as well as a little walk up and down the aisle when possible. Similar exercises to aid the circulation to our feet and lower limbs are also a good idea on long bus or car journeys.

Flight or pressure stockings/socks are also advisable, especially if you are known to have circulatory or cardiac insufficiency, or recent surgery. I would also recommend wearing the stockings if you are repeatedly spending long days on a bus tour. Most importantly, don’t remove the stockings/socks immediately after you arrive at your destination. Continue wearing them for a few hours, even if you are walking around. If you are prone to swelling, your feet and ankles may still swell excessively.

Consider the activities planned when you are on holiday

Comfortable, well-fitting walking shoes are essential. Supportive, cushioning footwear is ideal. If your shoes are new, make sure you “wear in” your shoes before you leave. Consider your hosiery: bamboo, woollen or cotton socks are recommended. Avoid synthetic material in both your socks and shoes. Sandals and even some thongs, can offer varying levels of support. Think about the climate and the appropriate footwear too.

First Aid Kit

Consider your feet in your travel kit! Essential items are an antiseptic and Band-Aids. Lamb’s wool is handy to wrap around your toes if on a walking or hiking holiday. An antifungal agent is also a good idea if you plan to use communal bathrooms and/or travelling to a hot and humid environment. A barrier tape such as “Hypafix” (a sticky gauze) is also handy to apply anywhere where irritation may occur, to prevent blisters.

Make sure your feet are fit and healthy. If you have any concerns, your podiatrist can address these before you leave.

Happy travels!


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