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Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Heels Smooth This Summer

heel-callusesThere are many signs that indicate that warmer days are coming, namely the sun shining bright in the sky, but for podiatrists one sign is dry and/or cracked heels. As soon as people bring out their summer sandals and thongs we see a lot more of this problem and it can often be fixed with some simple methods. A common question we get asked is “What can I do to fix my cracked heels”, so I thought it would a good time to remind people of what they can do to catch their cracked heels before they start or worsen.

1. Foot soaks: Foot soaks are a great way to help soften and prepare your feet for removal of the hard, dry skin. Fill a tub with water at a comfortable temperature and soak feet for 5-10 minutes.

2. Pumice stone or file: Normally pumice stones alone won’t be enough to reduce thick areas of skin but after soaking your feet, and using the pumice stone each day, the thick skin will progressively improve day by day. Be careful not to go too far in one day, and only use the pumice stone on the dead skin on the top layers of skin, not on the healthy skin underneath. Spreading out the use of pumice stone over several days is much more effective than trying to get it all off at once. Avoid razors and metal blades. Some products on the market use blades to remove thick skin however this can be dangerous and increase risk of infection.

3. Foot cream/emollient: Foot-specific cream is specially formulated to contain urea. Urea is the important ingredient that allows the cream to penetrate through thick skin found on feet. Concentrations of urea vary from product to product but we normally recommend one with 15-25% urea. We generally advise patients that they can use “foot cream” on their body, but not “body cream” on their feet. Ideally you should be applying cream once a day but it is most effective after having soaked your feet and reduced the skin as much as possible with the pumice stone. The trick is to be consistent! Consistency will give you strong and healthy skin.

For some people, doing all the above is still not enough. Come in and see us and we will help you get to a good start and give you any more tips and tricks that will work for you.
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