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Time To Spring Clean Those Shoes

worn sandals

Spring has well and truly arrived, and its that time or year to start spring cleaning, so why not your shoes? It’s time to dust off the summer shoes, and check them out.

Your summer shoes, they have been sitting in the wardrobe for the past 3 months, take them out and have a good look at them.  If they are worn, THROW THEM OUT! Badly worn shoes can cause considerable damage to your feet, leg and knees.  Check out the upper of the shoe, is it torn, broken or split?  Look at the sole of the shoe, a lot of summer shoes have EVA foam soles, and these degrade over time, also sometimes the quality can be very ordinary, so if the sole is starting to crumble, or split across the ball of the foot, THROW THEM OUT.

I know what it is like to be attached to a favorite pair of shoes, but if they are past their used by date, jthey need to go.  This will be a gift to you and your feet.




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