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The Truth About Good Shoes – Part 1

One of the biggest issues we don’t like doing as Podiatrists is to have the ‘big lecture’ with our patients about wearing good shoes! I always dread this area of the consult when I have to discuss the problems and potential problems about the shoes they are wearing on their feet. This is especially a problem with women.

So why is it such a big issue? Well it is like buying a Mercedes Benz, or a BMW car, and putting $99.00 tyres on the vehicle.  It will still get you around town, but the car will not run as smoothly, every corner you take will be rough, and you will probably wear through those tyres very fast.  The same could be said for a good pair of shoes.  You may need to spend a bit of money, but a good shoe will serve you well.

I know that about 50% of the foot conditions I see every day in the clinic could be traced back to the type of footwear the patient is wearing.  Like the other day, I had a patient in, wearing a pair of ‘ballet flats’.  You know the type of shoe, it is merely a scrap of leather with a little bit of elastic in the top of the shoe, so it will stay on your foot.  So what was the problem? She had multiple corns on the tops of her toes, and if you have ever had a corn, they can be mighty painful, and she had no idea what was causing it.

So we had a little look at the shoes she wore into the clinic.  As I said they were a pair of very old ballet flats, there were indentation marks in the upper of the shoe where her toes were rubbing the leather, the soles were almost worn through, and her heel kept sliding out the back because the elastic in the top had disintegrated.  And these were her everyday shoes. On closer questioning, she also complained of aching feet and knees, and could not walk long distances.  Does this sound familiar to you??

Stay tuned, and next week we will look at what you need to have in a good shoe.bad shoes

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