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The Silly Season and Your Feet


Well the silly season is upon us, some of us are winding down for the end of the year, some of us are still working frantically to get everything done for the end of the year, but it won’t be long until most of us have our summer holiday.

One thing that is often neglected over the summer break is your feet.  This article is just a few areas that you should consider before you go away:

  • Feet Get Sunburnt Too! 

    1. If you have ever had your feet sunburnt, you know how painful this can be! You can’t put shoes on and having a shower is painful. Remember to cover the top of your feet with sunscreen when you go outdoors wearing thongs or sandals.
  • Preventing Dry Cracked Heels   

    1. Dry, cracked heels can also be a sign of a fungus, psoriasis, thyroid issues and diabetes, so if you are concerned visit us or a dermatologist to get the all clear.
    2. If you have just run-of-the-mill dry summer heels, try treating them with a heel balm or a heavy duty moisturiser every day and run a pumice stone over them (only in one direction as going back and forth can actually make the split skin worse) once or twice a week in the shower.
    3. Wearing open-backed shoes can spread the fat pad of the heel, causing the skin to crack. If you have any deep crack where you can see dried blood, treat the heel with an antibiotic cream and cover with a bandaid. Why the antibiotic cream? I have seen too many people develop cellulitis in their leg from a bug entering their body via a crack in their heel.
  • Proceed Barefoot With Caution  

    1. Going shoeless also raised the risk of picking up foreign bodies, like stepping on glass or splinters.
    2. Walking barefoot might be one of the great joys of summer, but it can also put you at an increased risk of contracting viruses (think warts), fungus (like athlete’s foot) or bacteria (which can cause a skin infection). And these things tend to thrive in warm, moist environments, like a public pool.
  • Rethink Your Thongs   

  1. Not all thongs are created equal. Look for a pair with a thicker sole and arch support. The more straps the better as they can reduce stress placed on the toes to grip the thong and so it doesn’t fly off your foot. You shouldn’t be able to bend the thong in half, that’s your first clue that it won’t provide enough support. Reserve the ultra-thing thongs for the pool and the camping ground showers.
  2. Over-wearing thongs can cause stress fractures, heel pain and tendonitis, and can exacerbate hammertoes. These shoes are not built to be worn from 8 in the morning til 10 at night. But they are hard to resist especially with our hot climate.
  3. I know I am going to be blasted for downgrading that Aussie icon, the rubber thong, but it has to be told! We tend to get busy at the end of summer when everyone has been walking around all summer in these shoes.

All of the staff at Sutherland Podiatry Centre would like to thank you for reading our blogs over the past 12 months, we have enjoyed writing them for you. We have quite a few changes happening next year, so keep tuned to this space. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe 2016!IMG_1546

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