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The Dangers Of Nail Salons

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I was recently watching a replay of an a current affairs investigation into nail salons. The video below reveals how nail salons are dangerously spreading nail and skin infections.
All types of infections and bacteria can be contracted such as fungal nails, tinea, and ingrown toenail infections to more serious blood borne viruses such as herpes, hepatitis A, B, and HIV. You may end up with nails looking like the images below.

nail salons2nail salons1






The main reason these infections are spread so easily is because in most nail salons proper sterilization of instruments is not practised. The nail file, clippers and other instruments used may be used on every patient that day and in fact may never have been properly sterilized! Simply washing the instruments under water does not count as sterilizing.

Your podiatrist by law must follow certain sterilization procedures for all used instruments. They go through an ultrasonic cleaner and then an autoclave for a certain amount of time and temperature. These are regularly audited as in any medical/health profession.

Another scary fact is that quite a lot of nail salons have ‘untrained staff’ that are using a scalpel or sharp instrument to remove any hard skin from your feet. If there is any cuts or bleeding during the treatment most nail salons are not aware of how to treat and prevent further injury or infection.

Tips if you are using a nail salon.

  • Ask the staff to show you their qualifications and sterilization procedures.
  • Look for a salon that uses disposable instruments after every use. Also check out their spa’s and make sure they use a disposable liner that is thrown away after treatment.
  • Quite a few nail salons or beauty therapists now make their customers buy their own nail kits and keep their items in a box that is stored away with their name on it. Ideally instruments still need to be sterilised but if there is no turning you off nail salons at least these instruments are for you only!
  • Beauty therapists do a great job at painting on polish, my advice if you want your nails painted is to buy a colour you use regularly and take your own polish and ONLY get them to paint it on. Not to let them use instruments on you unless you know that they are being properly sterilized!

Below is a video of current affair conducting an investigation into some nail salons, make sure you tIMG_1544ake a look!

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