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Sprained Ankles


During the school holidays, I’ve seen quite a few ankle sprains. Most of the time, parents reported their kids previously twisted their ankle but don’t do anything about it except for some first aid. Today, I want to educate parents about the causes, risk factors and management of sprained ankles.

Causes and mechanisms

  • Sudden or forceful movements which place stress on the ankle.
  • Repetitive trauma and overuse can also weakened and injured the ankle ligaments.
  • Other cause may include landing on uneven surfaces.
  • Stress and excessive range of motion at the joint.

Risk factors

  • Previous/existing ankle injuries
  • Inadequate ankle rehabilitation
  • Sudden acceleration, deceleration or changes in direction
  • Poor balance, low or high flexibility, or lack of strength and stability.
  • Poor surface conditions, lack of warm-up before activity, lack of appropriate footwear that can provide good ankle support

If you or your child have a sprained ankle, come and see us. We can assess the injury and the reasons for it. There could be problems with your biomechanics, footwear, activities or balance. You might need a rehab plan to bring the normal function of the ligaments and muscles around the ankle back.


  • RICE
    • Rest: Evidence shows immobilization can be helpful but however is not recommended as early mobilization is more beneficial
    • Ice: 10 mins on 10 mins off several times a day to reduce swelling
    • Compression/Support: bracing, taping
    • Elevation: reduce swelling
  • Early mobilization and exercise
    • Phase 1: If you or your child can’t bear weight, write alphabet with toes 5 times a day. If possible use wobble board while seated, 30 circles clockwise and anticlockwise


  • Phase 2: If you can walk with minimal discomfort, do double leg and single leg heel raises


  • Phase 3: If you can hop on involved ankle without pain, mini-trampoline 3 sets 30 jumps forward


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We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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