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Slippers and Ugg Boots – what to do?

ugg bootsI get asked this question all the time, what should I wear at home in the colder months?  As a Podiatrist, I am not keen on slippers or uggs boots, but as a consumer I wear them to keep me warm.  So you can see the conflict.  Let me explain this all a little clearer.

As a Podiatrist, I don’t like either piece of footwear, because they are not supportive enough.  If you ever see someone walking down the street in a pair of ugg boots, you see them walking on the inside of the boot, don’t you?  This is not good.  The uppers in both shoes are very soft, and have no support whatsoever.  But they are not built to be a shoe, they are built to keep your feet warm!!!

I tend to find that people who are home a lot through the day, and during the winter months, pop their slippers and or ugg boots on, and leave them on all day!  Although they are home, they still potter around the house, do the everyday chores that need to be done, and would do a lot of walking.  Often the house has either a lot of tiles or wooden floor boards, which is a hard surface, so you get a lot of jarring in your feet, ankles, knees and hips.  If you look at the sole of slippers or ugg boots,they usually only have a thin sole, or a little bit of rubber, but I would not really categorize as cushioning.  They are simply not built to ‘work’.  If you are staying home all day, put on a pair of joggers or walking shoes and nice thick socks.  NOT YOUR SLIPPERS.

Slippers and Ugg boots are to keep your feet warm.  So I would recommend them for you to wear at night, after you have finished working, and are relaxing and enjoying the TV, or reading, and are sitting down.  They are perfect for this activity.  I see too many people with painful feet and legs from wearing their slippers all day, and the simple fix, is to just change their footwear.

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