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Opps, I Forgot The Metho!?

Last week when I wrote about tinea, I had a client remind me about methylated spirits.  So you may ask what does methylated spirits have to do with tinea?  Well, tinea thrives in warm, moist areas, so those crevices between your toes are ideal areas for moisture to accumulate, and once you put on a sock and shoe, it increases the heat, and viola! a tinea infection.  Methylated spirits wiped between your toes every day after a bath or shower, will evaporte that excessive moisture and keep the area clean and dry.  Now metho does not cure tinea, only the products mentioned on the previous post will cure the disease, metho is a preventative, and will stop it from occuring.  It does not take long to apply, it will take you longer to get the child proof top off the bottle! Just apply it with a cotton ball, or a cotton bud.  Once you use it, it will dry out that mascerated skin very fast.  But remember, you will have to do it every day, especially in the hot summer months, because if you don’t that pesky tinea will come back!MethylatedSpirits_bottle

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