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My Opinion On Slippers

I had a patient in recently who was complaining about how her feet had suddenly started aching.  I get this comment quite a bit this time of year.  And the culprit for the sudden rise in foot pain – SLIPPERS! Yes the humble slipper can cause foot pain.

So why do slippers cause foot pain? It is because slippers do not have much support in them.  The upper is either fabric or lambskin, but flimsy, so that your feet tend to slide in them, or roll inwards.  When your feet do this, they pull on ligaments, muscles and joints, and fatigue your feet.  Or if you have osteoarthritis in your feet, this form of footwear will aggravate this as well.

Another thing that slippers cause, are falls.  A family friend recently had a nasty fall at home because of the slippers she was wearing.  Again, this unstable shoe clipped the top of a stair, and over my friend went.  Luckily for her there was no bad injury, just a bruised hip, but it could have been so much worse.

Wearing slippers all the time can cause really bad foot odour.  Especially if you have sweaty feet, once the slipper material has absorbed the perspiration, the bacteria has a field day, and starts multiplying like crazy. Slippers are not porous, so the bacteria is trapped.  The worst culprits are teenage boys, they sweat like crazy, slop around in slippers over the weekend, and when you open their bedroom door the next day, that smell will make your eyes water!!

Slippers are only suitable for wearing at night when you retire for the night, that is, when all the dishes are done, and you are sitting down to watch some TV before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning when you get up and go and have breakfast. Slippers are only built to keep your feet warm, NOT to be worn all day long around the house (or even worse, out to do your shopping!).

So tomorrow, just keep your slippers on for short periods, not all day.

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