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Mistakes you can make when you have an ingrown toenail!

Incorrect cutting technique

ingrown 1Cutting your nails the wrong way can defiantly cause a painful toenail. Cutting them to short, cutting the nail down the sides, biting or ripping your toenails are all big no no’s. A general rule to stick by is to cut following the natural curve of your nail (but never down the sides). If you are unsure it is best to seek advice from a podiatrist to see what will work best for you.



Wearing the wrong shoes

ingrown 2An ingrown toenail is made worse and more painful if your shoes are too small. Any extra pressure pushing on the sides of your toe is going to increase the chance of an ingrown toenail occurring. Make sure that your shoes are the correct size and shape for your foot. Avoid pointed shaped shoes and try for a square shape instead.



Home Surgery

Too often I see patients come to me with an ingrown toenail that has become worse after they have attempted fixing it themselves. Doing it yourself at home you are likely to leave a section of nail down the side that you just can’t get to. This is because your nail clippers at home are designed to cut nails fairly straight across and will not be able to cut out the section that is hiding down the side. Podiatrists have the right tools and knowledge to treat an ingrown toenail successfully.

Ignoring it

ingrown 3The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all! Unfortunately an ingrown toenail will not go away on its own. It only gets worse as the nail continues to grow into the edge of your skin. This is when it will become infected and more than likely require antibiotic treatment.
If you have a painful toenail the best option is to see your podiatrist to discuss what treatment option is best for you.


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