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Lacing Techniques Part 2

As mentioned in my previous blog, the fitting of our footwear is extremely important.  Even an expensive shoe will be of no benefit to you, if it does not fit your foot.  The fit of a (right-sized) lace-up shoe will be enhanced by using the correct lacing technique for your foot type.



Many people start to tie their laces by twisting the laces around each other. Unfortunately, when laces are slippery, they often spring open again. By simply twisting the lace around once more, the laces will stay more securely, until the next step to tie is taken. This trick is great for kids who are learning to tie their laces, arthritic fingers, and those with loss of strength in their hands and fingers.


This foot type often also ‘rolls out’ a little more than ideal when walking, which can lead to gaping in the heel counter of some softer shoes. Tying the laces securely will be helpful, especially when wearing a last suited to this foot type (a topic for another day).

By skipping the first lacing eyelets, room is created in the forefoot, usually the widest part of the foot. Starting the laces in the next set of eyelets, and then doubling straight back, will still provide adequate support to most feet, while accommodating for a high arch, arthritic or swollen foot, or general pain over the top of the foot. By continuing to lace the shoe as per usual, the shoe can be worn securely and comfortably.



If however, heel slippage or movement is experienced using this technique, this is usually rectified by including a lace lock.


I hope you find these lacing techniques help for yourself, or perhaps someone you know.IMG_9187

Thanks for reading, Carissa

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