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Lacing Techniques – Part 1

While the quality of a shoe is important, the fit is paramount. Ill-fitting shoes can cause a multitude of anomalies to our feet over time. Unfortunately no-one really has the “average “ foot. The following three lacing techniques may improve the fit of a shoe, in particular foot types.

Lace Locks

This lacing technique is helpful for those people with narrow heels; for example children.

It is also helpful for people who experience heel slippage in their footwear when using orthoses.

This system forces the heel back into the heel counter of the shoe, while still allowing some slack over the forefoot, and midfoot, if required.

The most important thing to remember when applying this lacing system is to pull the laces up, and then out, to achieve a flat top lace before continuing to tie your laces as usual.

Lacing 1 Lacing 2
 Lacing 3

Skip The First Lacing Holes

This lacing technique is helpful for those individuals with bunions, corns between their toes, or a wide forefoot in general. It allows for width in the shoe over the widest part of our foot, while still providing a supportive fit over the rest of the shoes when the laces are tied.Lacing 4

Skip The Middle Lacing Holes

This lacing technique is helpful for those individuals who have a high arch, or pain over the top of their feet. It creates more room in the area where required, and minimises irritation of the tendons on the top of the foot, odema, or any bony changes over the area.

Lacing 5


Over the coming months I will be offering you a few more “tricks-of- the- trade”, to help you achieve the best fit from your lace-up footwear.

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