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Keep Your Feet In Super Shape – 6 Tips To Ensure Healthy, Pain Free Feet

healthy feet 2Your feet are an essential part of your well being – keeping them well and healthy is essential.  Treat your feet well and they will reward you accordingly.  Here are 6 essential tips to keep your feet healthy, pain free, and in super shape:

1. Be sure to use a good moisturising cream every day.  This will assist in keeping dry, flaky skin at bay.  Especially going into the summer months where your skin will dry out because of wearing thongs/sandals.  Your feet will both look and feel nicer as a result.

2. Smooth your calluses with a good foot file once or twice a week.  Remember to focus on prevention rather than cure so treat early, treat well and reap the long term benefits.

3.  Instigate a weekly program of inspecting toenails at least once weekly and make sure you trim as necessary.  Cut your toenails straight across to help avoid ingrown toenails.  Afterwards, smooth nail edges with an emery board or nails file.

4. Treat yourself to a professional podiatry appointment at least every 2 months if possible.  Your feet are so important that it is worth prioritizing this and as an added bonus you will feel great as well!

5. Remember the mantra walk, walk, walk, its great exercise and will leave your body and mind feeling superb.  Exercise helps in maintaining a correct weight – excess weight can put additional pressure on already hard pressed feet.

6. Give your shoes a regular rest.  By alternating shoes you will allow them to dry out and give padding time to return to its normal shape.  This will result in the shoes both lasting longer and keeping your feet healthier.

Your feet are so important to your health and well being that it is worth learning how best to look after them and avoid foot pain.

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