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A Little Note About Tinea

massageNow is the time for those feet of yours to finally see some fresh air and sun, we are seeing a lot of tinea outbreaks in the clinic.  Yes a lovely subject to talk about, but it is important, especially if you suffer from it.  It can be infuriatingly annoying, the itching can drive you mad, so why the outbreak?  Well those feet of yours have been kept nice and toasty in shoes and socks, and slippers over the past 3 months because of the cold, and have not had a chance to BREATHE!  The hot moist environment is a wonderful breeding ground for this fungi, and they have decided to party! So what can you do:

1. Get a fungal cream from the chemist, like Canestan, Lamisil, Daktarin, Resolve, and apply it to the area, depending on which product you choose, the application is either once or twice a day.  Remember to wash your hands after applying this cream.

2. When you wash your hosery, ie panty hose, socks, use  Canestan laundry rinse to help eliminate the infection out of your clothing

3. Put your shoes out into the sun for at least 3 hours

4. This is a really old fashioned remedy that I was taught many years ago, put any item that has touched your feet, like towels, sheets, etc into a large plastic bag, and place a couple of cotton balls soaked in formalin into the bag and seal it, and leave for 24 hours.  This is to kill the spores of the fungus, so that you stop re-infecting your self.

I know it is not the nicest of subjects to talk about, but a few little hints may make your life easier!

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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