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I Stepped On A Nail. What Should I Do?

See your General Practitioner right away. Puncture wounds are a serious matter, especially when you have diabetes. Nails and other sharp objects do not have to be rusty to cause tetanus or to cause an infection in your foot. Punctures through shoes are especially dangerous because a little rubber from the sole of the shoes sometimes enters the wound and causes an especially nasty type of infection.

Wash the area with warm water and mild soap and dry well. Cover the wound with a dry bandage. Keep the area covered until you can see your doctor and receive appropriate care and instructions. All adults should have tetanus booster shots repeated at least every 10 years. If you are not sure when you had your last tetanus booster, it is safe to have another one when you are injured.

It is injuries like puncture wounds, that reiterates the importance of diabetics to check their feet daily, especially if you have peripheral neuropathy or numb feet.

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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