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I Have Been Told That People With Diabetes Should Wear Shoes All The Time, But I Have Carpet, And Go Barefoot, Should I?

In a nutshell, NO! Carpeting does not prevent you from stepping on pins, tacks, toys, dog bones, and whatever the cat brought in. Doctors often remove small pices of glass, wood splinters, and even needles from dropped insulin syringes from the feet of people who have walked without shoes at home. Over 80% of amputations can be traced back to a minor traumatic event!

Most people do not take their shoes off before they enter their homes. The shoes track in viruses, fungi, and bacteria, which are deposited on floor surfaces. viruses can cause warts, fungi can cause athlete’s foot and nail diseases, and bacteria can cause infection. If you walk barefoot in your home, you may come in contact with these disease-producing organisms.

Make it a habit to protect your feet at all times – at the beach or pool (water shoes), in public showers (shower shoes or thongs), and even in your home. The only time to go without shoes is when you are in bed or bathing.

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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