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I Have A Blister On My Foot, What Should I Do?

If you have neuropathy or poor circulation, see your Podiatrist immediately! Don’t wait until it gets infected.

Then the first thing to do is stop wearing the offending shoe. Wash the area with warm water and mild soap and dry well. Do not break the blister – this can allow germs to get under the skin. Cover the blister with a dry bandage. If the blister breaks, leave the loose skin as a covering over the wound until it heals. It is not necessry to apply antiseptics, antibiotic ointments or chemicals to the blister.

Inspect the blistered area daily. If there is redness, tenderness, swelling, pus or a warm area around the wound after the first day, you may be getting an infection. See your provider to get antibiotics. Over the counter antibiotic creams are not strong enough to treat a foot infection in a person with diabetes. If the wound is deep, gets larger, or does not heal within a few days, have it checked immediately.

Don’t wear shoes again until the blister is entirely healed. You might need extra padding, different socks, or something else to keep them from rubbing. Wear the shoes for a short while, then check your feet for signs of another blister. It is better to throw them away than to continue wearing shoes that injure your feet.

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