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Getting Your Feet Ready For Spring

spring feetHave you noticed the warmer weather over the past few days? Well spring is here and it is time to break those poor feet out of their winter shackles, and get them out in the open.

But, do you find once you take them out of your thick woolly socks, and your shoes, they don’t look that great?  Well it is time to get them ready to show the world!

This week’s article I am going to give you some quick tips to get those feet looking good again!

  1. Dry skin – because those feet have been hiding for the last 3 months, they do get dry.  Use moisturiser daily, to get them back to feeling soft and supple again.  So what type of cream? Preferably one with a small amount of urea in the formulation.  This helps breakdown calluses.
  2. Ugly toenails – do you have thickened toenails? Or fungal toenails? These embarrassing looking toenails make you feel very self conscious when you finally get into your sandals or thongs for the hot weather.  Ideally if you suffer these 2 conditions, it is best to see a Podiatrist, so we can treat them.  If you want to go it alone, trim your nails (remembering to cut them straight across), and for both types of nails, use an emery board to run over the top of the nails.  This helps to thin them out, and in the case of the fungal nails, apply a topical anti-fungal agent.
  3. Cracked heels/calluses – these can sneak up on you before you know it.  Having cracked heels is extremely painful, and wearing open heeled shoes like sandals and thongs, will exacerbate the condition.  Use a pumice stone every day in the shower to help reduce the callus.  You can use this on any callus on your feet, just be careful not to apply it to normal skin as you will graze it.  Once you get out of the shower, use a heel balm you can purchase from the chemist.  There are quite a few on the market, and are all good.  But you need to apply as least once a day for it to be effective. If the cracks in your heels are deep, again, see a Podiatrist, as nothing you will do will fix this.

I hope this quick article will help you on your way to great looking feet for the summer.

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