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Fungal nail infections

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Fungal nail also referred to an Onychomycosis infection, is the most common nail disease in adults. It is caused when a fungal microbe invades and infects the nail bed. Fungal nail infections can occur at any age, however tend to be more common with advancing age.

Fungal nail infections way cause the nails to become discoloured, thickened, split and disfigured. As the infection progresses nails may become brittle and crumbly, with pieces breaking away or the nail may even come off completely.

At first Onychomycosis infections may only pose a cosmetic concern, however if left untreated, nails can become so thick that they press and rub against your shoes. This may result in irritation, pressure and even pain. Although finger nails can also be infected, it is much more common in toe nails. The incidence of onychomycosis infections has been increasing, partially due to advancing age, diabetes and suppressed immune systems. Other associated factors include: visiting nail salons; public pools and communal showers.

Treatment of fungal nail infections often involves cutting & filing of the infected nails, determining the most suitable antifungal medication or treatment, along with advice to prevent further infection or recurrence.

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