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Foot Problems And Falls

falls-in-elderly-507x300Do you know that 1 in 3 people over 65 in the community will have one fall every year? Falls are very common in older populations as a result of foot problems. The consequences of falls are detrimental to a person’s health. It can result in serious soft tissue injuries; bones injuries and psychological problems. It is up to 30% of all injury related deaths. That’s a lot! As podiatrists we can address foot issues to prevent these common fall.

There are many risk factors that contribute to falls. These are:
Visual impairment
Slippery path
High steps around the house
Treatment of foot problems such as painful corns; warts; calluses
Balance problems

Footwear and Falls

To prevent falls, we need to address footwear properly as you will be surprised older people wear poorly fitting shoes such as heavy boots; slip-on shoes; slippers and high heels
So what are the main features in shoes we need to look out for to prevent falls?
1) Heel height no higher than 2,5 cm
2) Sole that’s not too soft or too thick. Too soft or thick soles blocked sensory input into foot which increase risks of falls
3) Heel collar height: Ankle support is recommended as it improve body sway and stability
4) Slip resistance
5) Sole flaring increases the base of support

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Balance Exercises To Prevent Falls

Others fall preventions include exercises to improve balance and gait in older people such as Tai chi; Yoga or water exercises.
This is an example of a balance exercise program. Talk to your health professionals for exercises that suit your individual needs.

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