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Do You Need A Foot Health Check?

The questionnaire

I received a phone call from my doctor last week to remind me to come in for my annual Health Check. Do you have an annual Health Check? Do you have an annual Dental Check? Does your car have a regular service?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I will ask you another, do you have an annual Foot Health Check?

If you have regular checks, whether it be for your health, or your car, why wouldn’t you have an annual Foot Health Check?

Over your lifetime, your feet will walk the circumference of the world 3 times!! They will suffer being jammed into shoes that don’t fit, or are too big, or too high, or too tight. You drop heavy objects on them, trip up stairs and knock them and kick all manner of things with them.

Your feet are one of the most ignored and abused parts of your body, isn’t it time that you gave them the care they need?

So you are asking what is a Foot Health Check?

A Foot Health Check is like your Health Check, it is a comprehensive look at every facet of your feet. We look at:

  • Your circulation
  • Your nerve supply to your feet
  • Your skin condition
  • Your joints in your feet (and there are quite a few of those in your feet)
  • Your muscle strength in your feet
  • We look at how you are walking
  • We look at the shoes that you are wearing
  • We look at the orthotics that you are wearing (if any)

Looking at all of these areas of your feet will take some time, usually about 40-50 minutes. At the end of this long consult you will get a report on how each area is going, and of course recommendations to help you walk better, or how to stop that niggling foot pain. We will send a copy of this report to your doctor and give you a copy for your records.

But most of all we want you to keep comfortable, mobile and do all those things you want to do without the annoyance of foot pain. To help with this, for the month of July we are reducing the fee for this double length consult down to $99.00.

Don’t you deserve to be the best you can be?foot health check

CALL NOW 9542 3491 to secure your appointment for your Foot Health Check. There are limited spaces available for this type of appointment, and this offer will end on the 31st of July.

We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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