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Do You Have Interdigital Space Maceration?

Interdigital Masceration

What Is Interdigital Space Maceration?

Interdigital space maceration is the white, often peeling skin that occurs between toes. It is a result of too much moisture within the layers of the skin. It may occur as a result of not drying efficiently between your toes, excessive sweating (or hyperhidrosis), or occasionally after activities such as using foot spas or swimming.

Common Misdiagnoses

Interdigital space maceration is often confused with tinea pedis. Tinea will often present with white skin between the toes, but an itch will also be reported, and often with a red rash, and occasionally inflammation also.


The most effective treatment for interdigital space maceration is to address the cause. Drying properly between your toes is important for everybody. Gently wiping with a thin, dry towel is recommended. The use of methylated spirits (or surgical spirits) after showering, is a very effective agent in resolving maceration. This may be applied using a cotton tip or, if a deficit in mobility prevents an individual reaching their feet, using methylated spirits via a spray bottle, may be a handy solution.

Avoiding synthetic socks and shoes which may cause feet to perspire increasingly, will also be of benefit to reduce this anomaly.

If symptoms persist, consult your podiatrist.

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