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Do You Have A Fungal Toenail That You Have Been Trying To Treat With No Success?

Sutherland Podiatry Centre might have the answer for you!

Below is a handful of our patients who are happy to share their successful results and now beautiful toenails with you all. They got these results using our PACT (photodynamic anti-microbial therapy) machine, which works on fungal nails as it helps to destroy the walls of fungal cells, effectively killing the micro-organism. The treatment can be successful for a variety of different fungal infections. The following feet are photos before the PACT treatment began and post treatment (8-12 weeks after initial consultation).
















The treatment involves:

  • Trimming away as much of the affected nail/nails as possible and thinning out the nail plate, which will allow the gel to penetrate the active fungal cells.
  • Applying the light sensitive gel to the nail.
  • LED lamp left on nail for 9.5 minutes.

There are 5 treatments involved in PACT therapy:

  • 3 treatments in the first week.
  • 1 treatment 1-2 months after.
  • Review appointment or 5th PACT treatment after 3 months.

If your podiatrist recommends this treatment for you the results can range from improved nail quality & colour to a completely new healthy nail. This depends on the severity of the fungal infection to begin with.

If you are interested or would like some more information regarding the PACT therapy, ask your podiatrist about it at your next appointment.

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We have HICAPS available in our clinic, which means that our patients can claim from their private health fund straight away

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