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Did You Know You Can Get Malignant Melanoma On Your Feet?

melanoma-3I often get asked by patients how to generally tell the difference between skin cancer and normal skin moles. As podiatrist, it is out of our scope of practice to actually differential diagnosed skin conditions. We could only advise patients to go to the GP or the dermatologist for a full skin examination and treatment. However, it is important for patient to be aware of what is potentially dangerous. So in this blog, I will summarise the main features you really need to watch out for.

Causes of skin cancer

  • Sun exposure
  • Long term outdoor unprotected activity
  • Fair skin tone at more risk
  • Hereditary tendency to develop malignant melanoma

What it looks like

  • Changing lesion should be paid particular attention which includes:
    • Irregularity
    • Increasing in size
    • Bleeding
    • Discharging
    • Itching
  • ABCD checklists:
    • A = Asymmetry of the outline
    • B = Border irregularity
    • C = Colour changes
    • D = Diameter enlargement
  • Very early lesions will no have developed the above, that’s the reason you need to check this with your GP or dermatologist.

melanoma-1These are just pictures from one of many skin cancer on the feet. If you are in any doubt there is a chance of melanoma, please see your GP and dermatologist as soon as possible. The prognosis for malignant melanoma also depends on how early the diagnosis is.

melanoma-2Another signs we also need to watch out for are nail melanoma. YES! Melanomas can be on your nails as well.

melanoma-6 melanoma-5 melanoma-4Again, if you are in doubt you need to see your GP or dermatologist.

I hope this blog today helps to clear some of the signs you need to watch for and diagnose it early
Thank you for reading 🙂Tina




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