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Corn pads

It’s been a while since someone had a rant but I think this rant has been a long time coming.
The topic for this rant is corn pads. I’m sure many podiatrists would agree with me here… WE
DON’T RECOMMEND corn pads. The amount of times that a patient has come in to see me
after they have unsuccessfully used a corn pad are a plenty. The typical scenario is that the
corn pad doesn’t get rid of the corn, it simply softens the skin and the patient is typically left still
in pain and discomfort.
Corn pads, solutions, plasters or paints containing acid can be dangerous especially for those
people who suffer with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or circulation disorders.
To successfully remove and prevent formation of corns, the root cause of the corn should be
determined and addressed. Corns are made of the same thing as callous: dead skin or keratin.
The main difference is that corns occur in a focal area, usually due to localised
pressure/irritation. They can be due to poor fitting footwear which are too tight or narrow, or due
to poorly aligned bones in the feet.
If you have, or think you have a corn, come see your podiatrist before you try corn pads. We
typically remove the corn in safe and sterile manner, and also address any causative factors
that can be modified to prevent its return. Using a corn pad is a temporary, and often dangerous
treatment, for something that can be managed safely and effectively.

Thank you for reading.

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