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Why Do I Have Dry Skin and What Can I Do About it?

Winter is a time when temperature drops and the humidity level lower. One of the most common condition podiatrists see daily in winter is dry skin which flakes and causes discomfort. Today blog we’ll discuss the main causes of dry skin and solutions which help to ease the problem. Main causes of dry skin Autonomic […]

My Opinion On Slippers

I had a patient in recently who was complaining about how her feet had suddenly started aching.  I get this comment quite a bit this time of year.  And the culprit for the sudden rise in foot pain – SLIPPERS! Yes the humble slipper can cause foot pain. So why do slippers cause foot pain? […]

Have You Ever Heard of Hoka One One?

Strange name isn’t it? Hoka One One is a brand of running shoe that has had phenomenal success in the past few years due to its innovative design.  So what is different you may ask?  It is the sole of the shoe is a lot thicker than normal, so it has been designed for long […]

How Do I Know If My Foot is Infected?

Foot infections are absolutely no fun at all. Not only can they be extremely painful, but if left untreated, they can worsen and develop into more serious problems that are harder to treat. Certain types of infections can result from or be a sign of certain types of conditions, such as diabetes. Foot infections vary […]

Mizuno Shoes

This week we had the pleasure of having Mitch Farag from Mizuno shoes visit us in the clinic.  Here is a quick video about their most popular shoe:

How To Choose A Pair Of School Shoes

Today’s blog we will show you how to assess if a school shoe is suitable for your child. Enjoy the video:

It’s That Dreaded Time Of Year – Getting School Shoes!

If you are like me, I dread this time of year, as I have to go and get uniforms, stationery and school shoes for my children.  The stationery is the easy part (that is if the school remembers to give us a list at the end of the year – which they haven’t!), the uniforms […]

What Do Podiatrists Wear On Their Feet During Summer Holidays?

I get asked this question all the time when our summer holidays comes around.  And like most people in Australia, I don’t like to wear closed in shoes over the summer break because the heat is unbearable, and my feet burn.  So what do I wear?  You guessed it, THONGS! But I can hear you […]

Use It Or Lose It – Are You Going To Lose Your Health Fund Benefits For This Year

Are you in a Health Fund? Are you totally confused about what benefits you are entitled to, and when.  You are not alone. Ask The Right Questions If you have never seen a Podiatrist before, just ring your health fund and ask them directly if you are covered for podiatry care, and how much will […]

What Is A Podiatric Biomechanical Assessment?

Most commonly, the scope of podiatric clinical practice may be categorised into two primary areas. These being “General Treatment”, which involves anything to do with the skin or nails of the human foot, and “Biomechanical  Assessment” which pertains to anything related to the movement, structure and mechanics of the lower limb. Treatment options for both […]

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